One step forward, two steps back, and a sideways shuffle.

The good: I had a job interview last week, and it went reasonably well, and I know I'm on a shortlist of three and I should find out this week and I really want this job.

The bad: I've got cause to worry about breast cancer right now. I have an appointment on Thursday to find out more. I don't know for sure, and I may get lucky with this and have it be something a bit lot less drastic...but it's so hard not to get wound up and worry right now.

The sideways shuffle (what, you didn't think you would get an entire post without some political flavour, did you?): The US Congresscritters are still involved in their strop, are STILL throwing their toys out of the pram, and are STILL in a position to tank the world economy (again) in so doing. I would really like to see this not happen any more, and for those of you who vote, it's time to remind your local Congresscritter of that fact. These people get paid more than 95% of Americans do, it is not unreasonable to expect them to sit down and talk like adults.

I just want to mention, relevant because of all this stupidity rolling around about healthcare in the US right now: this is why I can't move back to the US even if I wanted to. I have such cause to be so very grateful for the existence of the NHS right now.
Yay on potential new job! (I think? Depends on what prompted the search for it in the first place, I s'pose...) Boo on health concerns! But yeah, as you point out, at least you're in a good place to tackle it, if needed. Like, without having to start a meth lab or whatever the prerequisite to American healthcare is nowadays. I haven't kept up.

And about the rest, yeah, at least I take a small bit of comfort from standing here at your side, while we both stare and blink at a world gone mad.
My job situation went south about two and a bit years ago; I'm still working in the same place, but there was a management shuffle and a lot of empire building by new managers, and I got shuffled into the realm of managers who have progressively stripped my job of dignity, interest, perks and any pretense of control over my life.

I was also told flat out that I was not to spend any more time during job hours (or use any job resources) working on my degree, as it was not part of my contract, not relevant to my job, and not what I was there for. That stalled work on my thesis quite effectively, as I really needed to spend more than a couple hours a day in the evening and a few more on weekends. I talked about quitting or going part time with Husband, and due to financial uncertainties Husband had what I can only characterise as the Full Fifty-Meter Flying Freakout about it...so unfortunately I ended up suspending work on the thesis (and given how fast the field moves, I really need to start over with something else now), and I need to stick with this job until I can find another job. Which has, I admit, been slower than it ought to be -- on the basis of there is no point leaving this job for another job which is just as bad, which makes me a lot pickier about what I apply for. And then I have a lot of competition for what I apply for, because I *do* want a job with interest and flexibility; and I don't stand a great chance for most of those because the people I'm up against have current skills, while my current job has contributed to completely stagnating skills. :¬/ And now I'm whining, so I'll quit that for a while.

Anyway, I went into a depressive rut for a while, then realised I have to drag myself back into current skills in the time that I would otherwise be using for work on my thesis. I'm trying that, but it's still hard dragging myself back. Quite honestly, I lost heart and it's a hard slog to make myself do this again. I ain't getting any younger.

Dammit, I'm whining again.

Well, the short answer is that although I like the people I work *with*, the people I work *for* are turning me into deep-fried crazy on toast, but I have a current chance to take on a role in a very different team under different management in the same institution and I'm hoping I can get that and reawaken my intellect a little.

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And thank you, and it's so good you're still here providing comfort, even with all the crazy in your own life right now, too.
Cancer? Pardon me while I lose it for just an instant. How did the tests turn out? I've a friend in Edinburgh who was diagnosed a few years ago. The NHS did very well by her, and I hope they do just as well, if not better, with you.

My congresscritters are onboard on the health issues. I'm horrified by the number of people who are behind the Teabaggers. Many of these are poor folks, uninsured people, and they cheer these supposed patriots who aren't really championing anyone save themselves in preparation for their next campaign.

I've got an Irish passport, and if my guy were onboard with the idea of immigration, I'd be outtahere. A Scottish MP jokingly told my guy that we could move to Scotland and get residency if only to vote yes on independence. Unfortunately, the WBH wasn't interested.

We might be over for Celtic Connections in January. Maybe that'll change his mind.
I don't know how the tests have turned out, yet. All I know is that it is one possible cause for the current crop of Things My Body Oughtn't Be Doing And Which Are Not Even Fun. I have a doctor's appointment to discuss things -- and probably to get more tests -- on Thursday. Until then I wait and try not to obsess.

It's kind of a shame your guy isn't into immigration. By all means, get him over here. We have lousy weather, but good beer!

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My best wishes in all directions. And I'll second you on "bad weather but good beer". I have a realistic hope of spending some time over your way next August, so Gods Willing, perhaps we'll be able to enjoy some together.