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I exist

A Man Said to the Universe

A man said to the universe:
“Sir, I exist!"
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”

-- By Stephen Crane

And.....slightly belatedly....rabbits.
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(And apparently fluffy...)

It's nice to know you do still exist, how're you, Scotland, things and The Book?
(Damn, got so excited I forgot to log in...)


(And apparently fluffy...)

It's nice to know you do still exist, how're you, Scotland, things and The Book?

GLAD to see you still around!

(Husband says to say "Hi!" by the way, and instructs me to ask how you are. Would have done that anyway.)

It is alive, anyway. Just. Last few years have sucked, a bit; I would try to give you a short version, but I just tried to write that and it turned into a half-page whiny rant, so I'm just going to leave that be, for now. I don't even like myself when I whine. :-/

As I've said to balinares, I'm working on dragging myself out of a swamp, and have resolved to write more.

The Book is sitting in a box somewhere behind me, feeling forlorn and forgotten. I will tell Book that Book is not forgotten, and that should make Book feel better.

And you? How ARE you?
Hi and all my best to your husband too, how is he?

I'm sorry to hear, even not in detail, that sucky things dragged you into a swamp. I sure am looking forward to reading more from you!

I haven't yet lost hope of going back to Aberdeenshire within the next few years for that round at Archie's I keep promising you. :)

Please tell Book that Book is NEVER forgotten. And that one can't easily forget the feel of Book's pages under one's fingers. (I'd tell you more, but we'd both blush and that'd make things really awkward, I'm sure!)

And things are going rather disgustingly well on my end, I must say. Have work, big place to live with a guest room specifically for guests who'd like to be our guests for a while wink wink nudge nudge, boyfriend (sending his best wishes), cat girls, brand new driving license (be afraid) and hopefully a company car by the end of the year (be afraid, still).

A few bumps in the road, but you know... altogether nothing much to complain about. And I really wish you that much for the near future.


Do you, by any chance, like waffles?
I am so glad to hear things are going well (bumps in the road notwithstanding)! That makes me so happy. :)

Husband is well, and sends his regards. He's actually doing fine these days -- my swamp is not his swamp. And we would be delighted to see you, any time; alternatively, do be careful as we may end up on your doorstep after all if you keep making hospitable noises like that.

Do I like waffles? That's like asking if cats like cream. ::yum!::

I really do have a plan for escaping the suck, and determination, and, um...yeah, I'll get there. Someday.

Could I just say one thing? And I mean this, most sincerely. Dear friend, if you are still smoking, stop. Please? Because you do not want a heart attack. Even decades from now. Those fuckers* hurt like nothing you have ever imagined. You seriously don't want to go there. I don't want you to go there. Did I mention pain? Because, pain. That's leaving "risk of sudden death" entirely aside, obviously. I guess not everyone gets that fun kind of experience, you just chance it. But.

Yeah, I didn't quite have a heart attack, my body only thought that it was having a heart attack and pinched the main coronary artery closed. Apparently that's something to do with stress. I'm told it feels about the same. (But I'm better now! Honest! That was about 16 months ago.)

...I will pass on message to Book. With suitable blushes. I did mention to Book that you remembered, yesterday, and I must say that Book is already looking happier. ;-D

* I use that language with complete deliberate intent, and regret that I don't remember all the fun French obscenities that you taught me.
Re: Oh GOOD!
Woah, okay, that's heavy swampy stuff you got there. I'm suggesting some vacation, fresh air, fries and waffles.

(We also have girly fruit beer, you know, that won't be too hard on the heart. Just sayin'. Our doorstep awaits you. WE HAVE KITTIES!)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I did stop smoking, about two years and a half ago. Granted, I'll occasionally smoke one or two at parties, but I no longer carry tobacco nor lighter. And we bought a yearly pass at the local gym. And we're trying to eat healthier. So, well, I'll hopefully be spared — I can't promise anything regarding my liver.
Re: Oh GOOD!
I am so, so, so happy to hear all that, I really am.

I like your suggestions, too. would you be about it if Husband and I *actually* turn up on your doorstep next year sometime?
Re: Oh GOOD!
(Of course, since that last post, Karma, helped by a possibly drunken driver, hit our car and ran, with no casualty other than, well, a couple potentially totaled cars. No, nobody we know or care about got hurt. Yes, the car was fully insured.)

Well, you'd need to tell us exactly when, 'cos if you do show up unexpectedly, chances are we'll be on a trip somewhere and I'll be very upset I missed you.

Now if we do agree on a date and time, I'll be extremely happy and will be looking forward to it with obvious glee. We live about 12 minutes away from Brussel's International airport (BRU) by car (we'll have a new one by then ;)) so if you manage to get yourself to the arrivals hall, I'll take it from there. :D

Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? 0:)
Re: Oh GOOD!
Oh for the love of little green apples. I'm sorry about your car!

I can guarantee no fewer than four months' warning before we land on your doorstep, more likely six months' warning, and ideally we would check with you what a convenient time was before we make firm plans at all, although we are somewhat constrained as to our holiday times these days.

And, yes, I have a box of Cards Against Humanity bought special for us and our friends, because absolutely one has to! GLEE! indeed. :¬D
Re: Oh GOOD!
Four months is MORE than enough :) And preferably any time that's not too close to Christmas holidays (you're probably going to be busy then anyway), end of August (we may be going back to Germany for a convention but that's not a certainty) or November (because Sweden and NaNoWriMo) is good for us, but again, we will adjust as needed.

Oh, good then, I invested in a box recently, too, and I'd LOVE to play it with you!