The wheel goes around, and keeps going. So much done, so much left to do. I think the time always seems to pass faster as I get older and my take on that is that the longer I live, the less significance each minute has, each being a smaller fraction of the amount of life I've had.

Happy new year to you! Glad to see you're still around! I thought you had quit LJ. But it's awesome that you're still here! How have you been? Also just so you know you've been upgraded to pony.
I'm still here, still hope to be here more, oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET DRAGON!

Pony? ::looks:: Oh. Erm. Goody.
OH GOD DON'T MENTION IT I'M HALFWAY TO 40 HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. Next thing you know people are going to start expecting me to act responsible. :|

And yah. While you were away ponies came and took over the Internet. Like so, all over the place. This is both bizarre and awesome so I shan't complain.

I will complain if I don't see more of you though. :)
Wait, which half? I hope you mean halfway from 30, because if you mean you're 20 I'm suddenly going to be extremely sad that I'm the old person here. o.O

Also, hi Luna who's not the pony! I hope you had a lovely year and a good beginning of the new one! :)
Oh, good. I guess if you can somehow be older than me and still be this awesome, I shouldn't have to worry.
Well, it got you on LJ today, so that's probably a testament to its effectiveness, indeed. :)
Happy New Year to you too, hon! And now we know you're still alive, it's time to plan another raid to your general area in 2012!

I say!
And so are you, should you ever decide to come and sample our many brands of chocolate and beer.


Will you want fries with that?