I last posted in October?

Holy.....where DOES time go?

Oh, wait; let's see, trying to get a graduate degree "part time" on top of a full-time day job in a now-horrendously-understaffed department. Yeah, that'd be where.

Next week I will be starting to do metabolic modelling. I will try to catch up with my friends before this point.
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oh gees. I answer my cell phone just about any time, but my schedule is unpredictable.... will email that # to you.
Luna! :D Good to hear you're still hanging in there. Hope life has been good to you, in between all the work. Also retroactive rabbits3 or somethin'.
I think it's more like rabbits4 or rabbits5 at this point. But hanging on, yes....and it is so good to see my favourite dragon again. I hope you're doing well.
I am! Mostly. Still waiting up on Sproutling #2, who started showing signs of wanting to come out prematurely, like, two months ago, and is now due REALLY IMMINENTLY, as in, probably in a matter of hours. Then again, he's been due in a matter of hours for the last month or so, so I'm no longer holding my breath. I'm too permanently on edge and stressed out to hold my breath anymore. *twitch*

Otherwise fine, really, in all important matters of life, and I hope it's been the same for you.
OMGOMGOMG You must be on tenterhooks!!!!

*twitch* indeed.

I will keep monitoring, now, looking for developments.....
On tenterhooks. Yes. That would be about right. I'd like it to be over now, just so I can reliably know WHEN I can freaking take a few days of vacation, if nothing else. I've been postponing those for two months now. :(
Wherever that time went, it's good to see you're still alive and to have some news. :)

I miss your attempts at teaching dumb engineers like me some fascinating things about biology!

(Also news of you being alive, but I still miss the biology post thingy... Also also, you've gotta come to Brussels. We Have Beer. Resistance is futile.)
You dun' worry, I'll be back. I'm currently playing around with rendering software so that I can put up pretty pictures of molecules on the blog. I have things I want to talk about, but with no pictures it just won't work. Needs the visuals.

And ::smacks you upside the head:: for calling yourself dumb. You don't ever do that in my hearing again, you! ;-P
Well, when it comes to Biology, I am sort of clueless, which is quite fine by me, I have enough other skills and bits of knowledge I can be proud of — like my ability to get a lot of fun out of the most unlikely things, or my natural sexiness that seems to attract every kind of object programming language books...

Aaaaaaaanyway, looking forward to seeing these molecules of yours, if I may say so!