And that is precisely how I feel. Honestly, there's too much flash and not enough substance on oh-so-many issues. It reminds me of Imelda Marcos singing "we are the world" while she had thousands of pairs of shoes and kids dying of starvation outside her gated mansion. Being kind, being accessible, and listening are worth more than all the ribbons, slogans and hype in the world.
I think the comments on that piece have it right, though. The symbol is not entirely meaningless because it brings the issue into the open, and flags up sympathetic people openly. The important part afterwards is that it is followed up with real actions.

It's only an empty gesture when all it is is a gesture, with no follow-up or follow-through. That leaves it at the same level as the magnetic "Support The Troops" stickers on SUVs. But if and when it's an open declaration that you are taking real actions, and are available to talk to people who need to talk, then...well, yeah. Making it visible can be useful.
And I do kinda agree, but then my opinion on the matter is too weird to discuss when I'm feeling as sleepy as I do today.

(In the mean time, I'll do the utterly selfish thing and take comfort in how lucky me and my close gay friends are.)
Unrelatedly: rabbits!

Also you should post more. I'm lynx-deprived! I hope you're doing well these days. :)