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Just warning people:

Due to various and assorted circumstances, I'm going to blitz this journal in a few days.

I am keeping everything in backup (it's backed up already, including all the comments). And I will be retaining a few of the posts. And the rest of it will be starting over.
What. ._.
Nothing serious, I hope, and don't you DARE disappear from the face of the world. If you set up a new keep-in-touch account somewhere I hope you'll let me know!

Also, rabbits.
Some is serious, some not so much, but you don't have to worry -- what I mean by "starting over" is that I'll be starting over here. I'm just going to relaunch with a slightly different focus. :)

As for explanations as to why, at some point I'll be able to provide them in a calm and concise manner, I'm sure. But by that time, probably nobody would be interested anyway.

..........................i missed the rabbits yesterday. :(
You're lousy at being reassuring, you know? {:) Still. Rooting for you against the world! (And the world doesn't stand a chance, honestly.)

Sorry about the lack of reassuringness. I'll try to work on that. :) As for me vs. the world, believe me, I *SO* hope you're right. :blink: :blink:

...How on earth did I come to know such a sweet dragon?
Awr! *wriggles!* Actually I, uh, was recently trying to remember when and how I met you and for the life of me I can't recall. I feel silly!
Well, as long as we keep in touch, it's fine!

(Also I'll contact you later, we may be attending some event in Inverness next year, and the Hell if I'm coming to Scotland without stopping by your general area for a drink. So, let's say... Archie's?)
I'll look forward to seeing what your journal turns into and I hope any badness in your life calms. *sends hugs*